2020 was a year where you might have put off your goal of selling your home.

Or, it might have been the year to convince you to sell your home — buyers came out in full force for a real estate market that’s still going strong. Whether you’re thinking of listing in the spring or have a longer timeline, these are the resolutions to make for a successful sale in 2021.

Take stock of your home’s condition 

Whether it’s a persistent creaky stair that you’ve tuned out over the years, an ivory area rug that was once white, the popcorn ceiling that screams “1990s” or the cracks in the foundation that you’re just not sure about, there is a whole range of little and big issues that contribute to the condition of your home. A fresh set of eyes can help open…

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year... to sell?

Snow and icy roads galore are upon us, but winter may still be a great time to sell your home - especially if you're ready to get settled by spring. There tend to be more serious buyers in the winter season, and coupled with there being less competition on the market, it's possible that listing your home during the winter will help you secure a fast sale.

If you’ve been contemplating whether you should brave the rainy season and possible snow to list your home, now we've made a list of 5 things that will help you sell your home before the weather warms up!

Put Your Best Foot Forward Online

As Dave Ramsey says, “the internet has no seasons.” Since most people would rather be cozied up on the…

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