Get to Know Monroe, WA

Monroe, Washington, sits at the crossroads of State Route 522 and US Route 2 and is the gateway for most travelers heading to destinations in and around the Steven Pass area of the Cascade Mountains. Monroe represents a place to get gas and a snack on their way to the mountains for those travelers. However, the savvy traveler knows that Monroe is a destination of its own, with interesting local businesses, a premier trails system for running and biking, and a thriving local community.


Book shelves in Main Street Books

Downtown Monroe looks like a quintessential western downtown. Its building recalls an era where small-town downtowns were centers of activities. While many small American downtowns are shuttering businesses, Monroe maintains…

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Don’t overlook that fixer-upper — these makeovers prove you can turn any property into a gem. 

When you’re looking to buy a home in a heated market with low inventory, you often have to consider properties that wouldn’t normally be on your list. These are the homes that are politely referred to as “fixer-uppers,” encompassing everything from ‘80s time capsules to homes that need a lot of TLC.  

Though home makeover shows make the process look easy, it’s difficult to see past the aesthetic challenges when you’re looking at the listing (let alone when you’re touring the home in person). If you don’t have a team of designers at your command, the following YouTubers are the next best thing. Each is a real-life homeowner (or design pro)…

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Home design has become the trend to watch as life at home became so in-focus last year. Each year new design trends find their way into magazines, TV shows, home decor stores, and lastly, homes, and 2021 is certainly no different.  

From multi-functional workspaces to design that has the simple charms of old school nostalgia or investment in durable, high-quality home appliances versus low-cost alternatives, 2021 is the year that is presenting all sorts of home design changes.  

The Colors of 2021 

Each year PANTONE releases a color of the year, and home decor enthusiasts look forward to the announcement each year.  

This year PANTONE described their color selections as “a marriage of color conveying a message of…

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Mill Creek is a growing city of 20,000 residents sandwiched in between Bothell on the south and Everett on the north. As it grows with new housing and commercial development, Mill Creek retains green spaces galore, with parks and playgrounds running through the entire city. While recent commercial developments often attract chain businesses, Mill Creek has many interesting locally-owned shops and eateries that offer an alternative to chain stores. Let's explore the best of Mill Creek's local flavors. 

Parks and Recreation in Mill Creek, WA 

Image of gazebo on North Creek Trail
When you look at an overhead map view of Mill Creek, one appreciates the amount of green space. Small playground areas dot the map, and large swaths of reserved green space are evident. The most…

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If last year has taught us anything, it is to appreciate all the little moments and to hold your loved ones a little tighter when you can. 

That’s why we want to encourage you to celebrate Valentine's day, even if it feels a little different this year.  

Love can manifest itself in many different ways, and regardless of how it does, it deserves to be celebrated!  Here are ideas for how to celebrate self-love, family love, or romantic love - all from the comfort and safety of your home.  

Love is in the air, self-love that is!  

Never underestimate the power and value in nurturing the relationship that you have with yourself. Self-love nourishes confidence, joy, and success within you. With it comes the great power to…

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With the inventory of homes for sale at record lows in Washington, many buyers struggle to find their dream home. New homeowners Tyana and Spencer looked for over two years to find their place to call home.  Fortunately, they received a lucky tip from a friend and had the help of their trusted RE/MAX Town Center Real Estate Agent, Debbie Lindsey. Today, Tyana and Spencer spend their days thinking about home improvement projects rather than if they will be able to find a home at all. 

How long did they search? 

Two years ago, Tyana and Spencer were renting a Kirkland apartment. Tyana is a surgical technician at a Bellevue hospital, and Spencer works in water management for the City of Seattle Water Inspector in North Bend. They were…

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