Sometimes, you have to get a little creative to stand out in this busy market. Over the past year, the real estate market has been so hot that it’s not unusual for homes to go off-market in days. (The lack of inventory is to blame.) When even homes that need serious work are breaking price records, it is easy to feel discouraged if you’re trying to buy right now.

Don’t give up, though. Getting your offer accepted isn’t necessarily about coming in with the biggest bag of money. It’s really being able to anticipate what, exactly, the seller’s goals are and creating the offer that solves all of their problems. While your agent will weigh in with a strategy based on your market, there are a few common ways you can make your offer stand out. Whether you’re…

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Here’s the month-by-month breakdown of what you can expect if you’re buying or selling by the end of the year. 

Whether 2020 put off your plans to sell your home or enter the market as a buyer, or you were aiming to do either this year already, 2021 is shaping up to be a great year to make your move(s). For sellers, there are plenty of interested buyers out there — in fact, more buyers than there are available properties in many markets. Buyers, don’t let that put you off of making the leap to homeownership. Sellers are seeing steady demand and becoming more eager to list their homes.

Of course, achieving your goal doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re realistically looking at buying or selling in 6-9 months (the most common timeframes for buyers and…

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Get to Know Duvall, WA

Officially incorporated in 1913, Duvall, Washington, has roots that reach back to the 1870s when James and Francis Duvall, brothers, loggers, and homesteaders, settled the hillside where downtown Duvall now stands. A railroad company moved many of the buildings that make up the old downtown from another settlement called Cherry Valley in the early 1900s. Those buildings form the core of a charming old west charm with modern businesses occupying the old buildings. 

Start your morning on the move

Start your morning in Duvall with a walk, run or pedal along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. This former railroad bed trail starts in Duvall and runs approximately thirty miles to Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend, where it junctions with…

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Picking out paint colors is probably one of the most fun yet crucial parts of decorating your space. The colors you choose will set the tone for the entire look and feel you’re going for. While it’s certainly exciting to look at paint swatches online or on a piece of paper, you’re often left stumped on how you can incorporate those colors into your own home.

This week’s blog post features the hottest new paint trends for 2021, along with real-life, visual examples of exactly how you can enjoy these new colors in the interior and exterior of your home.

Blissful Blue by Valspar

This calming “Blissful Blue” will help cheer you up as you continue to make your home the center of your world. If you have patio furniture, take this blue and cover your…

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The real estate market is still on fire! This has many potential sellers asking themselves if listing their home with a real estate agent is necessary or not, especially when homes are selling so quickly. After all, the home inventory crisis continues to be a relevant theme, especially with buyer demand up by 60%.

While “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) is still an option for any seller in 2021, it comes with its own set of risks. 

Larger Networks Mean More Exposure

When it comes to an FSBO transaction, marketing your home can seem as simple as utilizing your circle of contacts and/or listing your home yourself using a plethora of online listing services such as Zillow, Redfin, and Opendoor. But it is important to know that these resources only stretch…

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