One might accuse real estate agents of having blinders on when it comes to the realities of the current market. Recently, we posted a Facebook Reel stating that it was still an excellent time to buy real estate. We received a comment on that reel saying, "It's always the best time to buy if you ask an agent." Perhaps the commenter believes the drumbeat of news media around the country who have gone to extremes to convince consumers that the real estate market is crashing or about the crash. 

Yes, we are experiencing a shift in the market. However, the stats we follow, taken in context, don't reflect the doom and gloom that some may want you to believe. 

We agree that consumer confidence is down; recent surveys have demonstrated that loss of…

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If you’ve been thinking about looking for a new home, we have great news. Winter is a fantastic time to buy! But before you start searching, it’s important to realize that homes may look a little different in December than in July. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind as you begin your house hunting journey this season:

1. Keep an Open Mind. While curb appeal definitely matters, it’s important to remember as you look at homes in the winter that their landscaping may be lacking. Don’t let this deter you! Pay less attention to how the yard looks and imagine how it could look in the warmer seasons.

2. Take a Good Look at the Heating Systems. As you look at properties this winter, you have a unique opportunity to see each home’s heating systems…

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